Is it Friday yet??

Lately I have been really struggling to get to and enjoy work.  I blame it on having almost 3 weeks off around the holidays, something I’ve never had up until now.  I just had an extra day off on Friday and it wasn’t enough? I have a stat holiday and an extra day off coming up in February and it’s all I can think about?

I’m enjoying my job that I’m at right now, but I also feel like I probably am making a ton of mistakes.  I know I forget some steps with keeping logs and such.  I guess I know if there is ever any free time I can go back and update it.  The information is somewhere.  But for now, it is not a priority.  I am not good at juggling so much? But I also don’t prefer having a dumb ed down job either.  That being sad, I probably am never going to find the middle ground.

On the other hand, I can’t afford to not work or work either.  I recently went on a major spending spree and part of me wants to keep going.  It’s kind of like eating junk food.  You just crave it even more.

Anyways, I just got here, and it’s only Tuesday.

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One Response to Is it Friday yet??

  1. i feel you, I’m having the hardest time focussing today (and everyday since my 3 weeks off over the holidays).

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