WIW – Aug 31


It wasn’t a big loss but it was still a loss so I’ll take it.  Due to things out of my hands I didn’t work out much but I did intend to but when I arrived class was cancelled a few times this week.  Here’s to making it up with an extra long weekend off (stat holiday).  I fully intend to get in some yoga classes since I don’t really have any plans.


It’s been awhile

After getting notification that someone I followed recently started blogging here again, it inspired me to login and re-read my posts, none that I still identified with, delete them all and decide to revive this space here.

I’m not sure what this will look like or turn into, but I’m sure I will do more creeping on others posts than posting my own.  I am forever trying to better myself but not always doing such a good job.  I recently re-joined Weight Watchers and am back to working out so I’m sure that will creep into my posts, even though this is how I feel about it:


Other than that, I am just your typical 30-something trying to find my way.