Push it real good

I wanted to post this last night because I was so excited but I just haven’t had the time! I ran to the gym right after work to do my homework of doing a speedy mile on the treadmill, I was a bad girl and didn’t do it all week. I did however go for numerous walks, 2 aquafit classes and 2 believe it sessions. Again, I am in awe as this is so what I need. It is pushing me and showing me I can do things instead of automatically writing it off thinking I can’t do it. The classes are part discussion and part workout. They offered to do people’s fat testing and I came in early to do that too and I also jumped on the scale and despite weighing in at 6pm, I was down 2 pds. My weight is so random lately as I have that challenge going on that needs a Friday AM weigh in, and this weighs in Weds 6pm. Getting confused, might have to opt out of the FB/Tumblr challenge.

I was amazed that I actually went in and did all this stuff before the class! Our workout consisted of learning how to adjust the spin bikes and doing a mini workout with the instructor for 10 mins (fitness newbs, this is enough). I once went to a spin class and died after 75 mins of hell, and have written it off ever since (this is my thing) so it was nice to ease in. Our instructor mentioned that somewhere in the next 10 weeks we will actually be doing a class together so it will be good to conquer my fears with it as it is a really amazing workout. After that, we headed to the gym to do circuit after circuit.  Something I never thought I could do, I was doing. It felt so good! And while it hurts to sit down today, I am so glad that I went. I am so glad I signed up and didn’t let fear get the best of me.

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It’s weird, I haven’t written here in ages.  I like the look of this blog better than my tumblr, http://lyndszy.tumblr.com but there are so many more people there.  A lot has happened since I stopped updating here.  I stuck out my job.  I finally like it, a mere 15 months later.  I finally have my own desk again and I’m not only occupying someone else’s.  I’ve given up on trying to find something “better” and just settled into the 9-5 and trying to not let myself get too bogged down.  I’ve given up on WW, and MFP and now I’m left wondering what it is I should do about the scale and how it refuses to go down (What’s that? I haven’t worked out in 3 weeks? Hmm…wonder if that has anything to do with it??? ;))

Beyond the typical resolutions, I do like the idea of a bit of a fresh start, a rewind and restart. I’m just going to keep trucking along, and hope to one day find an activity that I LOVE and want to do more of.  I’ve learned the gym does not inspire me.  Anyways, if anyone is still around, hello!

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Pick up the slack

I know I want to keep doing well, but I’m at that point where I’m on autopilot, I have given up trying quite as hard and am just coasting.  This is the part of the season that always causes me to quit.  The constant rain here makes it impossible to want to leave once I’m home.  I don’t drive, so if I go out, it is in the rain.  I cancelled all but one workout last week.  This week needs to be better.  I also need to stop eating out.

My mom visited the other week and re-introduced eating out, and it has just sort of continued.  It NEEDS to stop.

I gained 3 pds this week.

My goals for this upcoming week are:

1. Lose those 3 pds!

2. Make time to do some cooking and quit eating out/convenience foods

3. Make it to the gym or a class more than 1x.

C’mon, linds this is basic, you can do it.  Get back on track.  Get motivated!


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What have you been up to lately?

In my attempts at being more active the rest of my life is getting harder to maintain. I want it all but doing that sometimes is challenging. I find some things just fall to the wayside. Such as blog entries and a clean apt. I am trying to let things not bother me, but I am still trying to do it all.

And if I can’t do it all, sometimes I just do nothing at all. Damn all or nothing mentality. Any tips on how to juggle it all? or how to be okay with not doing it all?

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Mochi mochi


Skipped a workout in exchange for froyo!

#menchies #semi healthy #lowfat #fruit #mochi

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Is it Friday yet??

Lately I have been really struggling to get to and enjoy work.  I blame it on having almost 3 weeks off around the holidays, something I’ve never had up until now.  I just had an extra day off on Friday and it wasn’t enough? I have a stat holiday and an extra day off coming up in February and it’s all I can think about?

I’m enjoying my job that I’m at right now, but I also feel like I probably am making a ton of mistakes.  I know I forget some steps with keeping logs and such.  I guess I know if there is ever any free time I can go back and update it.  The information is somewhere.  But for now, it is not a priority.  I am not good at juggling so much? But I also don’t prefer having a dumb ed down job either.  That being sad, I probably am never going to find the middle ground.

On the other hand, I can’t afford to not work or work either.  I recently went on a major spending spree and part of me wants to keep going.  It’s kind of like eating junk food.  You just crave it even more.

Anyways, I just got here, and it’s only Tuesday.

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Getting there

This week was a not so great week. I had a lot going on and yet I still managed to lose!

Imagine how good it would have been if I hadn’t cancelled 3 of my workouts and if I didn’t go out to eat or eat that chocolate bar at the movies last night.

But hey that’s life right? And it’s still working so does that mean I’m getting this lifestyle change thing and not simply dieting (cause I’m so not dieting). Whoo.


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